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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  June 5, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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hard for president obama appearing side by side with the president and making sure the world knows he's down with the re-election program. despite his questions last week about the obama campaign strategy, the question is, how much of bill clinton will we see over the next five months or so? it was just a minute ago the san antonio spurs were riding a 20-game winning streak. now they're a game away from elimination. the question is how did the thunder pull one out on the road in texas? it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that's celebrating its cubic sir cone upjubilee. i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. you can e-mail us this morning
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or tweet me @williegeist1. let me know what you're doing up at this hour. or text the word awake followed by response to 622639. george the animal will be in this show. that name is a little tease. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for tuesday, june 5th. a lot to tell you about including a partisan fight in washington over paycheck fairness for women. why republicans are calling it a political ploy. jon stewart and "the daily show" help us weigh in on the queen's diamond jubilee and we could use the help with our coverage. that clip a little bit later in the show. first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. in less than 2 1/2 hours voters head to the polls in wisconsin where for only the third time in the nation's political history, a state governor faces the prospect of losing his job in a recall election. after just 17 months in office, republican governor scott walker being challenged by milwaukee
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mayor tom barrett in a rematch of their 2010 race. walker's name was put back on the ballot through a petition drive by his opponents who fiercely object to his proposal that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most state workers. the race has national implications testing the popularity of walker's conservative agenda in a battleground state for this 2012 election. the governor has raised more than $30 million since taking office. the vast majority from donors outside the state. he's outraised the mayor 7-1 but the democrat says no amount of money will make up for what he calls walker's failure of leadership. >> scott walker has succeeded in dividing this state. he said he was going to divide and conquer. he's succeeded in dividing. and tomorrow, we will show this state, we will show this nation, that scott walker will never conquer the middle class of wisconsin. >> although the dnc has poured
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millions into this race, president obama has stayed out of the fray for the most part opting not to stump on behalf of his party's candidate. governor walker says that is a sign the white house is worried. >> it's kind of confusing i think to voters here because they wonder why wouldn't you come in? two years ago the same person was hi opponent back then and he campaigned for the mayor at that point. i think there's a sign there's concern, what i've seen over the weekend, voters tell me they voted for my opponent or they tell me they're democrats, but in each case they tell me they're voting for me now because they like the courage to take on the tough problems, or a number of democrats tell me they don't like the recall process. my guess is the president and his folks want to shy away from that. >> the president did send bill clinton to campaign in the state of wisconsin last week. the latest marquette university polls show governor walker with a 7-point lead over mayor barrett. if walker wins he'll be the for more on this story we turn
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to msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halpern, becoming i think the fourth or fifth guest in studio in the history of this storied program. >> celebrating the cubic zirconium anniversary. >> author of the book "game change." the front page, "nation eyes wisconsin recall vote." is this important to the country? >> it's important for labor unions, they've got a lot at stake and they're a big part of the coalition of the left. it's a big deal for collective bargaining. governor walker is being recalled primarily because people in wisconsin didn't like the way he went after government unions. it's a big deal because wisconsin could end up deciding the presidential race. i think the winner tonight will be energized, the democrats or republicans, to try to win the state come november and use the political muscles they built preparing for the recall in order to build a presidential nomination. >> if governor walker holds on
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to his seat like most of the polls say what's the lesson here for people who want to carry out recall elections, who challenge sitting governors? >> stop wasting our time. only the third governor recalled in the nation's history, some people wonder how this happened. it got a momentum of his own. he's gone around the state touting the fact that the state's doing better economically. i think if he wins he'd be smart for himself and the politics of the state to be less divisive and try to bring the state together to govern in a more bipartisan way. that's not been the way he's run this race, that's not been the way the other side has. one of the big lessons for the country is can you have big political fights, and this is as big as it gets, and still govern, still reach across the aisle? >> if he's not a conservative icon already what would a win do for scott walker nationally? >> he'd have a huge speaking role at the convention in tampa. he's every republican's favorite talking point. say his name in a republican rally in the country, you get a
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huge hand. if he wins he will be i think defiant and probably not reach out and he will be the person republicans look to do say, fight for change, fight to change what you think is wrong with your state or with the country, and you'll be rewarded. >> you can survive it. hark hall paren live in the studio, we'll see you. president obama back in washington after raising campaign money in new york city yesterday alongside former president bill clinton. the "new york times" framing their joint appearance as a cleanup operation. this just days after clinton used the word sterling to describe mitt romney's business record. the former president was on message last night as he tore into the republican and the romney vision for the country's economy, saying it would be "calamitous." >> why aren't things roaring along now? because europe is in trouble. and because the republican congress has adopted the european economic policy. who would have thought after years and years and years, even
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decades, in which the republican right attacked old europe, that they would embrace the economic policies of the eurozone? austerity and unemployment now at all costs. i mean, after all, their unemployment rate's 11% and ours is 8%. we can get right up there if we just adopt their policies. you're laughing but you need to tell people this. that's what they're being asked to vote for. >> p.s., that mitt romney guy's good at business. president obama collected at least 3.5 million bucks last night at fund-raising events with the help of president clinton. today the senate will most likely vote down a bill on fair wages in the workforce. here's why. the paycheck fairness act which is being brought to the floor by democrats would require employers to prove that wage differences between men and women on the job are not related
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and not discrimination-based. the bill's sponsors point to research that shows women make 77 cents for every dollar men earn in similar jobs. democrats cob fend the bill is "the next step to the lily ledbetter fair pay act" first signed into law by the president in 2009. it's unlikely the bill will receive the necessary votes to move forward but that did not stop the president urging congress to act during a conference call with reporters. >> over the course of her career a woman with a college degree is going to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less than a man doing the same work. so at a time when we're in a make or break moment for the middle class, congress has to step up and do its job. >> mitt romney has not said whether he supports the paycheck fairness act. his campaign spokesman responded with a statement acknowledging support for the concept of equal pay saying in part, of course governor romney supports pay equity for women.
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in order to have pay equity women have to have jobs and they've been losing far more jobs than men. as president mitt romney will create a pro-jobs business climate that will put all americans back to work. aides from both parties say they expect most senators to vote along party lines. an early version of the bill failed during the 2010 lame duck session of congress. wall street looks to break a four-day slide after another tough day in trading monday. losses not as severe as friday's triple-digit plunge but anxiety over the economy and the european debt crisis still in play. let's take a look at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. cbs's steve sedgwick is live in london. >> that's the difference, what you said in your read-in, i.e., it's not just europe we're working about on u.s. markets, it's the united states as well. we've had anemic employment report after anemic employment report, three in a row, the latest the most disappointing
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yet with downward revisions for the previous two as well. europe is a worry and the u.s. jobs picture and potentially the u.s. economy running out of steam. and that is why the s&p now is down 10% since april 2nd. it closed flat, the dow closed down, around about 17 points. and slightly higher at the start of trading after the germans sending out soothing messages, angela merkel saying all instruments are on the table to guarantee the safety of european banks. that said she's ruled out giving money directly from european coffers to spanish banks unless they've got formal bailout programs. perhaps a question mark over the pace of reform. reuters has seen a government paper out of germany that says they do not expect europe to take any final decisions on strengthening the economic policy coordination between member states until spring next year. what is wrong with their time scale? don't they realize how pressing this is? back to you. >> may be too late by then,
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you're right. thanks so much, talk to you soon. still ahead, less than a week ago the spurs looked invincible as they cruised through the west on a 20-game winning streak. this morning they're a game away from going home for the summer. highlights of the thunder's road win and the stanley cup finals ahead in
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:45 a.m. and the sun is up on the united states capitol building. let's check your weather. >> air conditioners turned off in the east. >> it's chilly out there. >> turned the heat on in the car heading to work. the temperature took the big dip, cooler air started moving into the southeast. rain along that front. in south carolina upstate, a little bit of light rain. northern alabama, light rain and storms sliding your way. late this afternoon after it heats up it's going to get hot, a little humid down there in north florida, southern georgia. we're going to get strong storms in southern alabama. i don't think tornados but we'll see large hail and definitely strong gusty winds. that's south of atlanta but includes tallahassee and savannah, georgia, toward jacksonville, florida. the northeast, it's a cool, chilly morning. temperatures in the low 50s. that means the suburbs are in
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the 40s this morning. definitely jacket weather. this afternoon, still cool in new england. but getting a little bit warmer. fill if southward, even new york city a little warmer today. there will be a slight chance of showers on and off but not as wet as yesterday. as far as the middle of the country, still pretty warm. nothing too oppressive. a lot of nice wither from chicago to minneapolis. >> it's pretty nice, 69, 70. >> a little taste of humidity last week, we didn't like it. we turn to sports now. last week the san antonio spurs were in the midst of a 20-game winning streak and had a 2-0 game lead over the thunder in the western conference finals. with the series tied 2-2 games heading into game five, that run of success seems like a distant memory as spurs try a void their third consecutive loss. tim duncan gets the bank shot to go. after being down by as many as 13 in the fourth quarter, the spurs draw to within two. under a minute to play. time winding down, james harden.
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steps back, hits the clutch three. that gave the thunder a five-point lead. less than 30 seconds remaining. 17 seconds left, thunder with the ball. excuse me, spurs with the ball. leonard steps in front of durant, huge defensive play. that gave the ball back to the spurs. out of bounds. the refs correctly called that last touch. spurs down by three. manu ginobili. puts up the shot for the tie, can't get it to go. thunder win 108-103. ginobili had 34 but came up one bucket short of sending it to overtime. thunder beat the spurs on the road. durant, westbrook, harden combined for 60 points but the thunder, they can punch their ticket to the finals with a win tomorrow night. game five of the eastern conference finals tips off in miami tonight. celtics and heat tied 2-2 apiece. chris bosh could be available for the first time in this
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series. true that fistanley cup fin. ceremonial puck drop as the kings look to go up 3-0 games. the eighth seed out of the west. five on three advantage, zach parise has a great look. jonathan quick, he's been great, fantastic save. second period, martin brodeur saves the first couple. alec martinez gives the kings a 1-0 lead. still in the second. dustin brown feeds kopitar who puts it into the net to make it 2-0. kings win this one in a 4-0 rout. devils in danger of being the first team swept in the stanley cup finals since '98. the kings are one win away from this first-ever stanley cup. should the kings win tomorrow night they'll match the 1988 oilers for the best playoff record in the modern era at 16-2. yes, the kings, 15-2 right now in these playoffs.
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what a run. to baseball, dodgers on the road against the phillies. phillies down a couple of runs in the third. placido polanco takes kershaw deep for a two-run home run. still tied in the ninth, jonathan papelbon looking to close it out. elonherera slaps one past the infield, that's a go-ahead run. bottom of the ninth, freddy gal vas lines one to center. herera there for a beautiful diving grab. and yes, sir, the dodgers hang on to win 4-3. they've got is most wins in the majors. the phillies remain in last place in the n.l. east. wrestling great george "the animal" steele was on hand at a rochester red wings minor league baseball game. during his wrestling career he was best known for eating turnbuckle. the animal couldn't resist chewing the leather off the cover of a baseball. even at 75 years old he's still
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chewing inanimate objects. throwing out the first pitch in rochester after eating the ball and then shuffles off the field. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," scott walker and his 17 months as governor go on trial at the polls in wisconsin today. does the democrat barrett have the shot at the upset? if walker holds on what does it mean? we'll knock that around with our crew. "the daily show" does its very best to explain what's going on over there with that queen's diamond jubilee. now you can apply sunblock to your kids' wet skin. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®.
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we told you at the top of the show in about two hours wisconsin voters will head to the polls and begin deciding whether or not to replace current governor scott walker in that recall election. tell your friends neither of the two previous governors in u.s. history to face the prospect of recall remained in office after their recall election. they lost. north dakota governor lynn frasier as you'll remember was defeated in his 1921 recall by about 4,000 votes. and more recently, california governor gray davis successfully recalled by the voters of california in 2003 which of course gave us the governator.
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let's huddle around the water cool tore anguish we were not invited to the big royal rager held last night at buckingham palace. 10,000 people packed buckingham palace last night to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee. a milestone 60 years in the making. look at that, beautiful. you've got the a-list turned out. elton john was there serenading the queen singing "i'm still standing." stevie wonder was there. he's our guy, come on. sir paul mac cart though closed the concert playing on the union jack guitar before the queen took the stage with her family. power chugs? she had a good time. putting the crown jewels down there and did a stage dive. that's a national beacon of some time, who knows. the queen was there, it was a big concert, it was all wonderful, they all got
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together, good lord this is a long read. here it is. god save the queen and all that stuff. "the daily show's" jon stewart called in mr. john oliver to get us up to speed on what all this means. >> sadly the 30-fly-by has been canceled due to the awful conditions. >> i'd hate to be the guy whose job it is to cancel the fly-by. sorry, your majesty, due to weather conditions we had to cancel the -- >> for more on the queen's celebrations we turn to correspondent john oliver in london. what's the mood like over there? >> did you see the -- >> calm down, just calm down. it actually looks like it's raining, john. >> it's not raining here, jon, it's beautiful! it's a lovely day! >> really? because you look soaking wet. >> no, jon, excitement sweat!
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>> john! it appears to me -- it appears to be raining. that's terrible. >> just a quick shower. a brief shower. please don't worry about it. >> should they cancel the parade if the weather's going to be this bad again, just cancel it? >> no, we do not cancel it, jon! this is england! we don't back down, not for rain, especially not from [ bleep ]! god save the queen! >> bean showers, that's my kind of coverage from the diamond jubilee. why are you waiting? your tweets and e-mails are next. ♪
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